Highest Paid Jobs

Highest paid jobs

Highest paid jobsWhen making career decisions, one of the most important factors to consider is the career prospects of a certain profession. One thing you ought to consider for instance is the possible ‘ceiling’ of salaries in the chosen profession, the level of demand and the prospects of the future in the chosen profession. So which profession has some of the highest paid jobs, even for beginners?

Hot careers

It appears that a combination of creativity and cutting-edge technology can end in a hot career that is certainly among the highest paying jobs we have today. According to the Digital Marketing Salary guide of an IT and Digital marketing recruiting company called Mondo, the numerous roles digital marketing entails usually offer the opportunity for six-figure salaries due to the blend of skills needed and the high demand for these skills in our job market.Highest paid jobs

Competitive pay

What makes these salaries increase and remain competitive is not only the demand for these skills but also the limited supply of talent.

Let’s look at these salaries in more detail on a few levels.

  1. A Brand Manager in the US expects something between $66,000 and $98,000. With about a 5 years’ experience, it can go up to about $130,000. This is pretty high for that level of experience.
  2. As a content strategist, you can expect a salary between $81, 250 and $115,000.
  3. A chief marketing officer (who typically reports to the CEO) gets about$160,000- $245, 000.
  4. A VP in Digital Marketing gets between $140,000 and $200,000
  5. The market Data Analyst gets between $80,000 and $185,000

Other examples of roles and their respective salaries include the following:

  • Director, Creative gets about $101,000-178,000
  • Interactive Designer gets about $73,000-126,000
  • Director, Art gets about $73,000-124,000

If you think about it (or do your comparisons), these are really good wages, considering the work involved- which is not particularly hard, for an expert.

Also, in light of the soaring demand for digital marketing professionals, Digital Marketing has become a multi-billion dollar industry that’s growing phenomenally and exponentially and thus, the high salaries do make sense.