In Demand Jobs

In demand jobs

In demand jobsPursuing a career in a field that is already saturated by ‘experts’ who are perhaps more educated and more experienced can be really tough. When you pair that with an industry stagnation, this is recipe for ‘disaster’ in the making because you will have to literally ‘fight’ to keep your job and accept to take less salary because there are people who don’t mind taking less money for their work even if they are more experienced or qualified. In the end, everyone (workers in particular) is frustrated. What are the other options anyway?

In demand jobsGrowing industry

Is there an industry that is still growing and doing so at an exponential rate? Are there any in demand jobs? Well, there is and this industry is digital marketing. As a fairly young industry, it seems the popularity of digital marketing is growing every day. That’s why you will see digital marketing jobs being advertised everywhere. Even as more and more people turn to fill these gaps each day, the demand is still much higher than the current supply of professionals.

In demand jobsThe most in demand

There is a recent hiring report that confirms that in marketing departments, digital marketing jobs are the most in demand, with advertising and content ranking as the most hunted skills. To ensure validity, the study polled more than 300 vice presidents, directors hiring managers and C-level marketing executives.

Expected salary

On average, some digital marketing skills such as social media marketing can get you about $51,000 and SEO can get you a salary of up to $102,000. This is due to the high demand of digital marketing professionals which is predicted to rise by further by a great margin.

To shed more light, Ryanair has just created 200 digital jobs and most of these are positions specific to digital marketing. At a web summit, Taoiseach Enda announced 400 fresh digital jobs, which included a range of digital marketing roles that include social media. More individuals and companies are creating digital marketing jobs every day.

What are Companies looking For?

However, you ought to note that currently, 56% of companies looking to hire digital marketing experts are more likely to go for those with skills in content creation, SEO, mobile, curation, social and lead generation. What’s more, it has been found that the 20 most common digital marketing jobs that are typically advertised on LinkedIn needed experts with skills including SEO, Google Analytics, content and social media marketing.

That’s why you should make smart decisions as far as specialization is concerned to ensure you stay relevant and ahead of the competition. This video here explains the opportunities in Digital Marketing.